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How Cold Therapy Works


In order to understand how cold therapy works, it is important to understand what happens when a person experiences pain and inflammation.

With an injury, the blood vessels around the injured tissues open up, rushing blood, nutrients and fluids to the area to trigger the natural healing process. The problem with this reaction is that the increased blood flow often causes the healthy tissues surrounding the injury to swell and become inflamed. Unfortunately, if swelling and inflammation is not stopped or slowed, more extensive tissue damage may occur and the injury may take longer to heal. Pain becomes a factor due to additional fluids in the swollen tissues pressing on nerves surrounding the injury site and trigger pain receptors to the brain.

What Does Cold Therapy Do?

At some point, everybody has been told to use cold therapy to address an injury (can be as simple as placing a bag of ice on a bump, bruise or sore muscle). The question becomes, why? The short answer: Cold therapy is the treatment of choice to regulate the body’s natural repair mechanisms. It is typical prescribed for two primary reasons:

  1. To control inflammation.
  2. To moderate pain.

How does cold therapy work?

Cold therapy works on the basic principle of heat exchange. When a cooler object is put in direct contact with an object that has a warmer temperature the cooler object will drive the heat out of the area that it has direct contact with. Cold therapy is applied to an injury in order to reduce the temperature of the damaged tissue area. This reduction in temperature causes a positive chain of events; first, the cells’ metabolic rate rapidly slows causing them to use less oxygen, as the local blood vessels constrict, this aids in slowing the flow of fluids to the injury site and swelling is reduced. Cold therapy is the key to reducing cell damage. By keeping more cells alive in the damaged area, bruising and fluid buildup is decreased. Additionally, with fewer damaged cells to repair and rebuild, the injured area can recover faster. Pain is also reduced by the numbing of the nerve receptors that send pain signals to the brain.

How does Cool’nTape® dramatically improve cold therapy?

Cool’nTape® dramatically improves the process of cold therapy with a proprietary hydro-gel technology that delivers cold and compression to the affected area. Cool’nTape® operates on a basic principle of drawing the appropriate amount of heat out of the injured area without the risk of lowering the temperature too dramatically, which in turn can cause additional tissue damage in the affected area.

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